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Initial wall decorations for a conservatory, you should bear in mind a number of things. Firstly, what exactly will you be decorating? Are you going to cover the whole wall with plants and flowers, a particular theme or simply a few attractive pieces? If you have decided on covering the wall with plants, then you need to think about which species you want to use, as well as how many. You may also be interested to know that some species of plants can do extremely well when given certain conditions, and others may require a lot of extra care.Once you’ve decided upon the theme and materials for your initial wall decorations, it’s time to choose your pictures. Secondly, once you’ve got your initial wall decorations chosen and the plants in place, you then need to think carefully about what else you want to add to it. Many people decide to add a rug or some cushions, in order to make their conservatory more relaxing and pleasant. Having a few plants scattered here and there will never hurt either, and it is even possible to purchase small scale rugs for smaller conservatories, in order to create something totally unique. Just remember that whatever you decide to buy, it needs to complement whatever initial wall decorations you’ve chosen.

In addition to deciding whether you want to go for a particular theme, or are trying to decorate in a style that’s all its own, it’s also important to consider how much initial work you’re willing to put in. Some conservatories may cost hundreds of pounds, while others may only cost a few hundred. If you’re looking for something cheap, then you may want to consider wallpaper and paint in order to ‘hide’ whatever initial wall decorations you have in place. However, if you have a very large budget, then you may need to find a designer who can work on your conservatory in order to create something completely different…

The next thing to consider is where on your conservatory you are going to place your initial wall decorations. It’s common sense to hang them from the highest point in the conservatory, but some people will choose other means to display beautiful works of art. If you have a view that looks out to your garden, then by all means hang some stunning outdoor artwork, perhaps even an abstract piece or water feature. You should also bear in mind that you’ll probably need to remove some of the higher shelving, which may be on show in the conservatory, in order to get at the art. So how high up do you want the decorations to be placed?

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If you have a glass conservatory, then obviously you’ll need to take that into account when choosing your initial wall hangings. How low can you go? A low-hung ceiling can look incredible and will certainly provide a fantastic view. If you have a wooden or metal conservatory, then these pieces of furniture will need to match your decor and decorum – as there’s nothing worse than furniture flying through the air! So how high can the wall shelves be?

In general, you’ll need to think about three things before choosing the decorations for your conservatory: size, theme and material. If you’re looking for wall decor, you’ll need to think about size. How many pieces of furniture would you like in your room? Will they all fit in the conservatory, or would a few be too awkward?

The other thing you’ll need to consider is your theme, and your material choice. There are a great number of materials to choose from, but you’ll need to consider whether they go with your other furnishings. For example, metal items aren’t as comfortable to sit on as wood, so metal might not be the best option if your room is characterised by wood. You’ll also need to decide whether you want a traditional style, or something more modern.

One idea is to take some measurements of your conservatory and use these as references when buying your decorations. Don’t forget to ask your friends and family for advice and tips! Good luck with your conservatory!

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