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Black and gold graduation decorations are not limited to any one special day. Use them for graduation day, but be sure to put together some black and gold decorations for other times as well. You can take decorations from any time period and simply combine them into an appealing theme. Remember, you do not have to stick to the traditional colors for your black and gold graduation decorations. As long as you use them as you desire, you can come up with any theme that you want.

Graduation Photo Booth-Black, White & Gold… photo booths are making a comeback! They were once a staple in school districts but have fallen out of favour with many parents and teachers for several good reasons. The fact is, they’re expensive to operate and create lots of waste that you aren’t supposed to throw away. Also, they produce lots of green waste and aren’t environmentally friendly. So, if you’re looking for some new graduation photo booth ideas for your child, here’s a few ideas to get you started:

Crafty graduation props – graduation year is all about crafting, so try to find some creative and fun ideas for graduation props. With black and gold are such a popular color combination, use craft supplies to make black and gold themed decorations. You can easily do this with glitter or metallic items that you can buy at any craft store. If you want to get really creative, you could try and sew together black and gold ribbons, pins, charms and other craft items. Black and gold ribbons make beautiful lacy decorations for any graduation party!

Black and gold scissors – graduation is all about symbolism, so try and find some black and gold graduation decorations that incorporate symbolism. Maybe use black and gold scissors to cut out pictures of your loved ones on the graduation cake. Or cut out small pictures of you and your loved ones from the year you graduated. Cut out pictures of graduation cap and plaques and anything else that you can think of that will symbolize your achievements.

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Crafty music clips – OK, so the music may be important but you don’t want them to be too ‘girly’. Find some fun black and gold clipart or even better create your own with music software. Then you can play the music during black and gold graduation decorations. If you are a music lover then this could be a real hit.

Photographic memory book – This one isn’t just for graduation, it’s for life. Create a scrapbook about the years you have been together. Put in some photos of the old school with pictures of you doing the school things. Make sure you put in some pictures of you and your loved ones doing fun activities. Make your black and gold graduation decorations unique by placing some embellishments on the top of the page. You can use glitter and other fun items as part of your black and gold graduation decorations.

A poem – This is another way of saying ‘Thanks for everything’. Why not write and read a poem about the appreciation you have received. You could either do this yourself or get someone to help you out with the poem. The black and gold colors look great with the symbol of an eye.

A clipart image – Do you have a picture from your graduation that you would like to place on your black and gold graduation decorations? Here you go! Find a clip art image that you like online and save it as a jpeg. Then upload the image to your computer. Use your favorite color programs such as Photoshop and have fun with your black and gold theme!

There are so many black and gold graduation decorations you can find online. Look for clipart and other decorations that will make your graduation celebration stand out. This theme will never go out of style. With so many great options for black and gold graduation decorations, there is no reason that you should leave this wonderful era of graduation decoration trends untended!

Decorate for the day, not the year – Another reason that black and gold graduation decorations are so trendy is that they make for a great graduation party decoration. Instead of focusing on the year that your graduation occurred, why not celebrate the fact that you graduated? If you cannot attend the graduation ceremony, just remember that you have accomplished a great deal in life. This will definitely give you a more fulfilling sense than if you have to put in all the hard work to attend a graduation ceremony and not accomplish anything.

Put together a black and gold theme that covers both of your years of high school. You can have black and gold graduation decorations for when you were in grade school, when you attended college, and even for after you have gotten your degree. The only limit to what black and gold graduation decorations can do is the imagination of the person creating them. There is no end to the styles that you can come up with when you use black and gold as a color theme.

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